Everything might happen during a motorcycle tour over the world.

  On the road is where you reach the best memories, lessons and experiences.  

   Motosouls has been created to express and share what we feel while riding a motorcycle: Pure freedom, adrenaline, deep insights and peace. 

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   Mileage is not only a number, but a part of our lives  full of stories, encounters and new friends. Bikers brotherhood around the world is giant as you can maybe not imagine. Every country has a potent network of honest people driven to welcome and help, no matters where you come from, your religion either your gender.

    Natalia y Chinzo, met one another by chance.  She was looking for a place to store her european bike temporarily due she was planning to leave Mongolia by plain running away quickly from the siberian weather. It sounds weird but she already managed to store one of her bikes in a few countries to continue riding in other continents (Argentina, Croatia and Malaysia), So she thought it was worthasking if someone had a 4 square meters to store a bike for few months, waiting until the country defrosts.


Rene Poeschko (Austria) and Chinzo (Mongolia) showed up  and offered their help through Horizons Unlimited community.  After a couple of cups of coffee and talks about traveling, future expeditions and new places to explore, they decided to plan fun activities for next summer (2018). 


DriveMongolia is the largest local company in Mongolia, with more than 20 years of experience in the adventure industry across the steppe, biggest fleet and deepest knowledge about their nomadic culture. 

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Sharing the same passion for expeditions, MOTOSOULS has been designed to give an unique experience, performing Motorcycle Tours with a clear focus on real adventures, enhance adrenaline's levels, deeper knowledge of local culture and inspiration to explore the world. 

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